Who We Are

DrA Studio Engineering is a professional telecommunications consulting engineering firm specializing in Telco&Media environment.

Founded by Andrea Di Rocco (Master’s Degree in Electornic Engineer, Telecommunication) with many years experiences in the major Telco and Broadcasting industrial companies with the aim to offer a wide range of services and technological solutions for all needs of the clients.

Based on our knowledge  and mantaing a continous dialogue with equipment suppliers, contractors and manufactures in the Television, Radio and Wireless Communications industry, we can determine the best technological solutions.

As system integrator we are indipendent from all 3party hardware manufactures delivering the best possible solutions to our customers. We are your competent partner for all technology in the fields of broadcasting, multimedia, infrastructure, engineering or consultancy.

Discover new revenue opportunities arising from rapid changes in advance behavior entertainment and technology markets

Our objective is to make you a successful broadcaster within your time and badget frames.